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Paper Machine Video Monitoring Application Software

PMVideo camera shot

PMVideo is a fully synchronized multiple camera system application software package which can be used to monitor your paper machine to capture process events on PC based video recorders.

PMVideo system functions by continuously monitoring the real time process through the use of several different types of digital cameras. The system provides continuous real-time monitoring of your paper machine, recording up to 200 digital images per second. The information is stored on digital video recorders and process events can be replayed back later to determine the cause. This gives the end-user all the visual aids necessary for a complete analysis of a paper machine process events.

PMVideo System has been designed to provide reliable and continuous paper machine monitoring. Breaks and/or other events are recorded onto high quality digital video, providing operators and engineers an opportunity to identify and analyze problems at their convenience anytime after they occur.

PMVideo system can be interfaced based to the user's needs to a DCS, PLC or let the cameras create the trigger to the event scanning continuously scan for events such as sheet breaks, holes, spots or any other user specified condition. Upon detection of a process fault, PMVideo can be programmed automatically capture and record a predefined video length both before and after the event.

PMVideo application software can provide automatic video capturing and recording capabilities based on the real-time camera images. These events are triggered either by Histogram Processing (grayscale pixel distribution changes) above and below predefined software limits, or triggered within two Regions of Interest (motion detection within regions), one green or “safe” region that triggers event capture with a configurable delay and one red region that triggers event capture immediately.

PMVideo application software provides a minimum frame resolution of 640x480 pixels on the NTSC standard and 768x576 pixels on the PAL standard.
Color cameras provide operators a tool to better see all contrast and shade differences necessary to identify causes of breaks or other problems that might normally be more difficult to identify with black and white camera systems. A minimum color depth of 24 bits recording provides 224 = 16,777,216 color combinations.
Black and White cameras provide an easy start-up with maximum shutter speeds and minimum illumination requirements. B&W recording provides 28 = 256 gray combinations. Conmark B&W cameras feature the highest sensibility for Web Monitoring Systems.PMVideo camera shot

Image Review
The system catalogues the event sequences for later review and easy recall. The main user interface allows a frame by frame video review of all cameras that can be either real time, or Synchronized, thus allowing showing always the same spot of paper. Each video clip can be further reviewed and edited by means of the video clip window. Additional features are: video signal trending for fast access to the event frame, multiple playback speeds, starting, stopping, reversing and freezing video-clips, exporting video clips at different compression levels, frame per second rates and resolution, digital image processing options and frame editing features.

NOTE : Please contact Conmark for conditions for the licensing this application software package

 Screen Samples

New All Digital Recorder and Camera:

PMVideo new all digital recording technology is the latest in video recording technology. Standard GigE Vision communication allows the cameras transmit high quality images over the Ethernet network for long distances.

 System has several options for different resolution of the cameras including 640x480 and 1024x1024. Camera frame rates can be selected up to the 500 fps with standard being 90 fps. Intel based processor can handle up to four cameras with one computer. Recorders are available as Small Form Factor enclosures. See picture. .

PMVideo camera housing

The PMVideo Application Software Offers::

  • Either Color or B&W cameras
  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Easy installation/operation
  • Automatic capture of events
  • Historical data review capabilities
  • Image analysis opportunities
  • Diagnostic/troubleshooting tools
  • Cataloging/storage capabilities
  • Minimal maintenance and repair
  • Up to 25 views per playback page

Stainless Steel Camera Housing with Wiper:

The SSH129 Camera Housing is constructed entirely from AISI3 16L stainless steel, for use in Paper Machine  environment and in general where corrosive agents can cause a rapid deterioration of a standard aluminum-steel housing.
Thanks to its competitive price, the SSH129 camera housing can be also used as a substitute for an aluminum housing, where high level quality and refined design are requested. The housing is engineered to ensure the best protection from external agents and to allow an easy installation and maintenance.

The opening of the housing, even when installed, is quick and easy. The outer body can be removed by unscrewing only two screws in the rear flange, while the internal rail, where the camera is mounted, doesn’t move from its position, making easier the adjustment of camera and lens.
PMVideo camera housing